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System Group

Industry: Building materials

System Group

System Group, with 30 years of experience, is a leader industry in the production of PP, PE, PVC pipes, storage tanks, purification systems, manholes and fittings, serving more than 80 countries worldwide.

Web Team Coordination
Coordination of WEB Marketing activities performed by the internal Web team: Digital PR, Email Marketing, Social Communication, Online Advertising, Link Building.

Online & Offline Integration Strategy
Vertical Marketing Strategy, which aims to integrate online activities (Lead generation) to offline training events for industry technicians, with the target of improving the brand positioning.

Digital Training
Digital Training sessions for employees working on Sales, Purchasing and HR departments, with the aim of improving the professional skills, increasing their productivity.


Rototec Spa

Industry: Building materials


Rototec Spa is specialized in the production by rotomoulding of water tanks, attenuation units, purification systems, oil separators and chemical toilets, serving more than 2,000 customers in Europe, Africa and Middle East.

Brand positioning

Development of digital marketing contents and strategies aimed at strengthening the perception of the Rototec brand towards prospects, customers and stakeholders.

Online selling

Implementation of the new Online sales channel for some strategic products. The presence of these products on the 2 major online marketplaces, allows the direct sales to the final customer, worldwide.

Direct Marketing campaigns

For some specific products, the customers demand is intercepted through online advertising campaigns. The traffic generated is pushed to Landing pages built ad-hoc for the promotion and sale of products.


VR Arcade

Industry: VR Entertainment

VR Arcade

VR Arcade is a Dutch company, first in Europe to open gaming centers where it's possible to experience group games using Virtual Reality technology. VR Arcade with 4 arcades in the Netherlands and several in other European countries, is a pioneer company in its sector and in the development of VR technology in general, serving thousands of customers every year.


Direct Marketing

The website, through which tickets can be purchased, is used to direct online advertising campaigns. These campaigns have been geolocalized on the areas where the arcades are present, with the result of receiving traffic from qualified users who are looking for exactly the service offered by VR Arcade.


Market research

Through the data collected from the company's web channels and taking advantage of the Big Data analysis it is possible to identify the most attractive locations for the opening of new arcades throughout Europe.



Industry: Manufacturing


Metalconcept is specialized in custom design/engineering services for the manufacturing industry, fast prototyping using 3D printing and laser cutting tech.

Brand online presence

Metalconcept can now reach its potential customers also online thanks to the visibility provided by the new mobile responsive website and the management of the company Linkedin page through which promote its services in the targeted areas.

Sales network development

Using the high users profiling provided by Linkedin, new prospects are searched, attracted and contacted, establishing a trustable and direct communication channel.

Direct Marketing

Online advertising campaigns are designed to attract visitors to the new website, with the result of receiving traffic from qualified users who are looking for products and services offered by Metalconcept.


What we can do for you

We identify your target customers, we show them your Product/Service and push them to contact you.


This strategy involves online advertising campaigns where Images, Videos, Texts and Positioning are designed to work on a specific target of Customers.


Our team will activate targeted advertising campaigns that connect with your customers exactly where they are - in front of the Smartphone or the Laptop.

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